F.A.C.T. promotes literacy and supports the development and enjoyment of Science, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction.

Friendly, Fun Reading Group

Discuss classics and discover new works and authors! Share your favorites when the group votes on selections. Join us at the ArmadilloCon Dinner with Author guests.

Literary SF Convention

ArmadilloCon includes a Charity Auction and a Writer’s Workshop to support new authors. Help make the magic happen, volunteer, and get a discount, too!

How to join

F.A.C.T. employs PayPal for processing online payments. Memberships can be completed online or by printing out the membership form and mailing a check. Use this online form for quickly registering as a member.

Standard membership is $25 per person. Student membership is $21. We add one dollar to each membership purchased online to cover the processing fee.

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