ArmadilloCon 37 will be from July 24-26, 2015 in the Omni Southpark Hotel.
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How to bid for a Future ArmadilloCon

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If you are interested in being the chair (or co-chair) of a future ArmadilloCon, you must submit a bid to the F.A.C.T. Board.

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This was a hoax bid submitted on behalf of a spurious but highly imaginary pfan group by Dan Tolliver in the interests of competition.  Based on information from sources we believe to be reliable, any actual persons named in the proposed Con Comm are not currently, nor have they ever been, members of the Pfabulous Pfilking Pfurries of Pflugerville, nor do FACT or Dan Tolliver take credit for their names appearing in the aforementioned hoax bid and the appearance of their names in the hoax bid is not intended to indicate that they have any knowledge of said hoax bid or in any way endorse the Pfabulous Pfilking Pfurries of Pflugerville, FACT or ArmadilloCon.  This document is presented solely as a guide with regard to formatting content in bids and not as a representation of an actual bid.

Please follow the format of this bid when presenting your bid to the F.A.C.T. Board.

Once your bid is ready, send it to Board Chair so he or she can view it and give you constructive feedback. The bid must then be ready to present to the full board of directors at the regular monthly meeting, with the deadline for final submissions to be announced.

They will ask questions and voice their concerns as well. They might also decide to make a call for competing bids to the entire membership. This is a normal procedure as we need to give everyone an opportunity to bid. (Don’t worry. The last time we had a competing bid, the Boston Red Sox were still loveable losers.)

We usually start getting bids around January of the year preceding the convention you are interested in. For instance, if you are interested in getting the bid for ArmadilloCon 2020, then you can expect to present your bid in January 2019. This gives you plenty of time to invite guests and prepare your information that will be released at ArmadilloCon 2019.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact.